Olney Post Office Installation

I was recently inspired to share my art with a broader segment of my community, and I was met with incredible support from my neighbors. The art has started many overdue and very necessary conversations and I'm grateful for the open hearts and minds that have held and spread the love.

Part 2

The night the news segment aired, the sculpture disappeared. The next day, as soon as I reported the theft, I lugged the biggest log I had back to the same spot, committing to rebuild better. Unfortunately there is still pain in this world, even right here, but we do not have to suffer. By getting back to work I have a new wonderful opportunity to publicly model the work it takes to fight racism. Love is greater than hate.

Community Journal

As part of the installation, I put a leather-bound journal in the base of the sculpture with my statement of what the piece was about, and invited the community to add their thoughts and reactions. This was not stolen and the community has added some wonderful comments, which I present below.