Flora of MT AIRY

Many native leaves, seeds, and even an insect or 9

Sculpture is on Rails to Trails West in Mt. Airy, MD. 

Park at the Hill St parking lot

My tallest sculpture ever at over 20 feet tall, this monument to the natural landscape of Mt. Airy marks the middle of the new Rails to Trails West pathway.  The top is a tulip tree seed pod, holding its samaras aloft. Beneath that we're greeted by a big maple seed, like the maples just behind the sculpture.  Underneath the maple is an ash leaf intermingling with emerald ash borer beetles because the wood is an ash tree that was killed by those beetles.  Then there's a nice spikey red oak leaf with two of its acorns, and yellow birch leaves twirling around the base.

All photos except the last one are credited to Bruce Guthrie, and can be found here